Michael Blum

Michael Blum is an artist born in Jerusalem, educated in Paris, based, among others, in Amsterdam and Vienna, and living in Montreal since 2010. His projects include A Tribute to Safiye Behar, a museum dedicated to the secret lover of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (9th Istanbul Biennial, 2005), Cape Town – Stockholm (On Thembo Mjobo), a book […]

Marco Antonini

Marco Antonini is an independent writer and curator. From 2011 to 2016, he served as NURTUREart’s Executive Director & Curator, presenting new work by Ian Pedigo, Ivan Argote, Jonathan Ehrenberg, Meredith James, Arianna Carossa, Daniel Bejar, Nathalie Hausler, Alina Tenser, Gabriela Salazar, Deville Cohen, Lior Modan, and Steffani Jemison, among many others. Antonini’s ambitious, inter-generational […]

Will Corwin

William Corwin is a sculptor based in New York City, He is represented by Geary Contemporary and staged the exhibition Champollion this past July/August, a series of small cast sculptures in lead, plaster and resin that explored the idea of text as symbol and symbol as embodied form, and then back again.  He is also a […]

Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell

Artists Ben Langlands Nikki Bell are based in London. They met and began collaborating in 1977 while studying Fine Art at Middlesex Polytechnic. Their artistic practice ranges widely from sculpture, to film & video, innovative digital media projects, and full-scale architecture. Their art is focused on a poetic and conceptual exploration of architecture and the […]

Beti Žerovc

Beti Žerovc is a Slovene art historian and art theorist. She teaches on Slovene art from 1800 until today at the Faculty of Arts/University of Ljubljana. Her areas of research are visual art and the art system since the mid-nineteenth century, with a focus on their role in society. In the past ten years her […]

Jan Hietala

Jan Hietala is an artist, architect and academic.  Hietala is a fellow of ResArch – The National School of Research in Architecture Sweden.  He has held administrative positions at the Royal Academy of Arts Stockholm, Färgfabriken Centre for Art and Architecture Stockholm and Nordic Institute For Contemporary Art Helsingfors, and academic positions at the Royal […]

Robert Lyons

Robert Lyons lives and works in Berlin, Germany and New York State. He has taught extensively in the USA and Europe at various institutions including: Emily Carr College of Art & Design, University of Washington, Photographic Center Northwest, International Center of Photography, and the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin. He received a M.F.A. from Yale University in […]

Ania Soliman

I work with archives from a futurological perspective; reconfiguring images and objects to help us think about specific conditions of living in matter. I make large-scale drawings as well as smaller works that track the thought process, presenting them with objects from institutional collections and video. Each presentation works as a unit, with meanings generated […]

Dominik Lejman

Dominik Lejman works in the same manner as a magician does when daring us to see the invisible. The raw material for his work ranges from the obvious to the everyday life patterns we so readily take for granted. Lejman doesn’t use any tricks or sleight of hand to make his point. Instead, he opens […]

Francisca Benitez

Francisca Benitez  (b.1974) is an interdisciplinary artist, born and raised in Chile, who moved to New York in 1998. Through a variety of mediums, her practice delves into space, politics and language, documenting existing situations or proposing new ones. Notable works include Property Lines, a series of brief occupations and ensuing graphite rubbings on paper […]