Vladimir Palibrk

Vladimir Palibrk Curator, writer and artist. After graduating at Comparative studies of world literature department at Belgrade University, Vladimir focused mostly on storytelling through various forms, including words, graphic art forms, and event production/network management as ways to externalize his visions. With more than 10 years of experience of working as a mediator and author […]

Boško Begović

Boško Begović is a conceptual artist that combines visual art and his writing to reflect on existential issues. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, where he currently, lives and work. Bosko is a co-founder of Belgrade Artist in Residence program in Belgrade, Serbia, and Martial artist in residence, as part of the Center424 non-profit artist-run organization. He […]

Gordana Zikic

Gordana Zikic is a shamanic artist, studying and incorporating traditions and innovations in shamanism, both ancestral and contemporary. She was born in Serbia,  currently at Ph.D. studies in visual arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, where she got her MA and BA. Her art exhibitions include numerous solo and group shows in Serbia and […]