Kat Larson

Kat Larson defines herself as a healer, seer, seeker, and human and is devoted to exploring universal energy and awareness through her healing art practice. Kat is a reiki master, qigong student, intuitive guide, and creative. She is committed to providing healing to her community via her practice, which also includes her art that spans across […]

Negarra A. Kudumu

Negarra A. Kudumu works simultaneously as a healer, essayist, curator, and independent scholar of contemporary art. She engages with pre- and post-colonial artistic and spiritual outputs of West and West Central Africa, the Americas, and South Asia. She is interested in cultural products as evidence of in tact connectivity to indigenous knowledge systems and pre-existing […]

Eden Orfanos – Shoro

Eden holds a masters degree in Art Psychotherapy and a certification in Trauma Informed Expressive Arts. She offers innovative arts based approaches to healing that inspire creativity and empowerment. Eden came to the field of art therapy by way of her international humanitarian work (edenorfanos.org). She believes art can be a tool for social change, […]

Lynne Goldberg

Lynne Goldberg is a certified meditation coach and co-founder of OMG. I Can Meditate!, a mobile and web app that can teach anyone meditation techniques in only 10 minutes a day. Lynne’s simple and clear teaching style has brought the joy of meditation to stressed-out business executives, soccer moms, eighty year olds, kindergarten kids, and everyone in […]