Erik Lindman

Since the beginning of his artistic practice, Erik Lindman’s incorporation of anonymous found surfaces as compositional elements in painting has occupied a central place in his work. Reinterpreting and repurposing cast-aside materials such as shards of steel or canvas webbing, he combines a variation of surfaces in a cascade of decisions with a focus on […]

Robert Zandvliet

Robert Zandvliet is one of the foremost Dutch painters working today, whose work has been on the cusp of abstraction and representation since the early 1990’s. He examines the tension between self-reflective artistic practice and painting bound to a representational function. His pictures arise out of a movement between opposites, a symbiotic relationship between deliberate composition and […]

Nicholas Galanin

Examining the complexities of contemporary Indigenous identity, culture, and representation, Nicholas Galanin works from his experience as a Tlingit and Unangax̂ artist. Embedding incisive observation and reflection into his oftentimes provocative work, he aims to redress the widespread misappropriation of Indigenous visual culture, the impact of colonialism, as well as collective amnesia. Galanin reclaims narrative […]

Luisa Rabbia

Luisa Rabbia (b. 1970, Turin, Italy) blends the distinctions made between the human and the natural, expressing solidarity with the cosmos through the organic, bodily landscapes of her expansive paintings. The scale of Rabbia’s paintings suits the themes she explores, oftentimes depicting overlapping abstracted figures joining and breaking apart, seemingly overcoming their physicality. She alludes […]

Esther Kläs

Esther Kläs employs hands-on dexterity with her process-oriented sculptures and works on paper which challenge contemporary sculptural norms and discourses. With links to Postminimalism, she utilizes malleable materials including clay, oil stick, or resin while maintaining an intimate physical relationship with her work. The artist’s distinctive visual language relates to her body in a surrounding […]