Josephine Halvorson

Josephine Halvorson makes paintings on-site, face to face with an object in its environment. Often no more than an arm’s length away, she detects variations in texture, light, and temperature, transcribing these perceptions through the medium of paint. The result is an intimate portrait of the object, capturing both a natural likeness as well as […]

Ichiro Irie

Born in Tokyo and raised in Los Angeles, Ichiro Irie is a visual artist, curator, director of the artist-run-space JAUS in Los Angeles, and founding member of the curatorial collective QiPO. Irie received his B.A. from University of California, Santa Barbara and his M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate University. After completing his MFA, Irie went to […]

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin (b. 1990) is a London-based fine artist working with moving image, photography, installation and text. Her work operates in part as interventions and articulations of social-racial dynamics and lived experiences. A driving question of Martin’s recent work involves the role of art and media in the social and psychological construction of race and […]

Kali Spitzer

Kali Spitzer is Kaska Dena from Daylu (Lower Post, British Columbia) on her father’s side and Jewish from Transylvania, Romania on her mother’s side. She is from the Yukon and grew up on the West Coast of British Columbia in Canada on unceded Coast Salish Territory. She is a trans disciplinary artist who mainly works […]

Jonathan Kalb

Jonathan Kalb is Professor of Theater at Hunter College, CUNY and the Resident Dramaturg at Theater for a New Audience. The author of five books on theater, he has worked for more than three decades as a theater scholar, critic, journalist, and dramaturg. He curates and hosts the theater-review-panel series TheaterMatters at HERE Arts Center […]

Jules Rosskam

Jules Rosskam is an award-winning filmmaker, educator and interdisciplinary artist interested in liminal spaces: the space between male and female, between documentary and fiction, between moving image and still. His interdisciplinary practice works to induce a perceptual shift in our understanding of how and what bodies mean in the context of documentary film, toward an […]

Amitis Motevalli Part 2

Amitis Motevalli is an artist who explores the cultural resistance and survival of people living in poverty, conflict and/or war. This is her second interview, the first one can be found here. Her experience as a trans-national migrant, is foundational in her work. Through many mediums including, sculpture, video, performance and collaborative public art, her […]

Peggy “Batia” Lowenberg

Peggie “Batia” Lowenberg is a painter, public artist, and community arts educator. Born in New York City, Batia relocated to South Florida in 2015 after living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel for over 18 years. Lowenberg studied at Cornell University, SUNY at Purchase College (B.A.) and the School of Visual Arts, among others. She […]

Simone Kearney

Simone Kearney was born in Dublin, Ireland, and grew up there until moving to the United States as a teenager. Moving countries foregrounded the spaces in-between, acts of navigation. The friction of what might not quite align promulgates kinds of foam. I live in New York City, make work in my studio and in my […]

Shawn Theodore

Shawn Theodore‘s (b. 1970) artistic practice merges real and hypothesized mythological black experiences set within contemporary, yet fading, black environments. While the intent of his work is to shift stereotypical frameworks and false representations of African Americans and African Diasporan individuals, his overarching goal is to center black individuals and their communities as trans-historical, transnational, […]