Andrea Giaier

Andrea Giaier was raised in a typical Midwestern town just outside of Detroit, Michigan. From an early age, she developed a deep connection to nature, which later blossomed into a profound admiration, respect, and concern for the environment and the collective future of those who inhabit the earth. Andrea currently lives in Kathmandu, Nepal, and […]

Violeta Ospina

font-size: large;”>Interdisciplinary artist who operates at the crossroads of visual, education and living arts. She has spent most of her life in Bogotá, where art can be found in a hole in the asphalt. She lives and works in Barcelona since 2015, and she speaks from migrant body on the borders of multiply body, overturning technology […]

Graeme Williams

I grew up in the whites-only suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa during the apartheid era, when South African law decreed that 92% of the population were regulated to the status of second-class citizens. My interest in photography began at the age of twelve, but I soon realized that a Kodak Instamatic was never going […]