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Press Clippings for MONA

The kickstarter project was a huge hit and it generated significant buzz that continues to grow. From around the globe, news outlets to blogs have asked the question – what is non-visible art? They have answered it in thoughtful ways to cheeky comments, and almost every journalist has made a non-visible work of their own […]

MONA Manifesto

A MANIFESTO: TO CLARIFY THE NON-VISIBLE 1. Art itself is nothing. All that matters is what is left. The afterglow. The ambition is to produce this. We strive for an afterglow with no thing preceding. A glow. Phosphenes. 2. The only surface worth painting is the mind of the viewer. The viewing of art should […]

James Franco defends Non-Visible Art on Jimmy Kimmel

A great moment in television – when the hotest actor of the year uses the history of conceptual art and his knowledge of the Museum of Non-Visible Art to defend and explain what MONA is. Click here to watch the original video.