Dear Reader, This week, we dwell on what makes us human even as we dwell amongst machines. In his interview, prolific writer and speaker Sidney Perkowitz discusses emerging technology, human impermanence, and the commercial forces that haunt any creative venture. One polarizing topic to emerge is Anish Kapoor’s artistic monopolization of Vantablack, a substance that […]

Become a Member of the Museum of Non-Visible Art

“Membership” as they say, “has its —— .”  That’s how we feel about your membership here. Includes perks and discounts as well as private party invitations. Also a beautiful member card with varnish on it and hand-drawn elements. Learn more by just clicking right here on these words.

Press Clippings for MONA

The kickstarter project was a huge hit and it generated significant buzz that continues to grow. From around the globe, news outlets to blogs have asked the question – what is non-visible art? They have answered it in thoughtful ways to cheeky comments, and almost every journalist has made a non-visible work of their own […]

MONA Manifesto

A MANIFESTO: TO CLARIFY THE NON-VISIBLE 1. Art itself is nothing. All that matters is what is left. The afterglow. The ambition is to produce this. We strive for an afterglow with no thing preceding. A glow. Phosphenes. 2. The only surface worth painting is the mind of the viewer. The viewing of art should […]

James Franco defends Non-Visible Art on Jimmy Kimmel

A great moment in television – when the hotest actor of the year uses the history of conceptual art and his knowledge of the Museum of Non-Visible Art to defend and explain what MONA is. Click here to watch the original video.


With your 3-D glasses on, these words explode forward, shattering your screen and it looks as though a hand is reaching out to grab you and pull you in, but it is an illusion. It is non-visible like the art in this museum and it is part of the invisible world we all know so […]