Krolikowski Art

The Krolikowski Art Duo includes Alexander Krolikowski (1982, Donetsk) and Alexandra Krolikowska  (1990, Donetsk). Since 2007, they both work exclusively in the format of duo. They both live and work in exile (before 2014 in Sevastopol, Ukraine). At the moment they are based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The duo Krolikowski Art is the Bonnie and Clyde […]

Diego Leclery

My decision to “become an artist” can be broken down into two dimensions: “I was born to make art,” and “I have to do something with my life.” The first is an expression of some innate identity—that I have an artistic disposition and that making art is a manifestation of who I am—and the second […]

Jackie Battenfield

Jackie Battenfield teaches Professional Practices in the Graduate Program of Columbia University. She is the author of The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love, Da Capo Press, 2009. For the last thirty years, Jackie has made a living from her art and is a popular motivational speaker on the challenges […]

Adam Simon

Adam Simon is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY, known both for his paintings and for public projects around the presentation and distribution of art. Simon’s paintings mine cultural phenomena; newspaper layout and content, stock photography, iconic images from art history and (most recently) corporate logos. In a 2012 interview with James Kalm, Simon […]

Laurel Jenkins

Laurel Jenkins’ choreography emerges from rigorous experimentation and interdisciplinary dialogues in the realms of contemporary dance, opera, music and theater. She engages with the choreographic process as a radical space for reimagining our collective human experience. Her work has been presented by Lincoln Center, Disney Hall, REDCAT, Automata, the Getty Center, Show Box LA, Danspace, […]

Jarrett Earnest

Jarrett Earnest is the author of What it Means to Write About Art: Interviews with Art Critics (David Zwirner Books, 2018), editor of Hot, Cold, Heavy, Light: 100 Art Writings 1988-2017  by Peter Schjeldahl (Abrams, June 2019) and curator of “The Young and Evil” at David Zwirner, NY (February 21 – April 13, 2019).  “The Young and Evil” press release […]

Linus Coraggio

Linus Coraggio invented a genre of street art in 1982 called 3-D Graffiti – “outstalling” many examples around New York City on ‘’no-parking’’ signposts. He was the founder of the Rivington School Sculptors Group and welded a massive post-apocalyptic sculpture garden of rusted metal that rose menacingly above Forsyth and Rivington Streets on New York’s […]

Margaret Keller

Margaret Keller works in related series using installation, drawing, digital media, painting, mixed media, 3D printing, and screen prints to examine the relationships between nature, contemporary culture and technology, along with their effects on our lives. Current series look at surveillance, natural disasters, gender, and our experience of nature and the landscape in this digital/virtual […]

Catalina Ouyang

Catalina Ouyang has had solo and two-person exhibitions at Selena Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Make Room (Los Angeles, CA), Trestle Projects (Brooklyn, NY), PLUG Projects (Kansas City, MO), the Millitzer Gallery (St. Louis, MO) and fort gondo compound for the arts (St. Louis, MO). Her work has been included in group exhibitions at Kravets Wehby Gallery […]