Nicholas Galanin

Examining the complexities of contemporary Indigenous identity, culture, and representation, Nicholas Galanin works from his experience as a Tlingit and Unangax̂ artist. Embedding incisive observation and reflection into his oftentimes provocative work, he aims to redress the widespread misappropriation of Indigenous visual culture, the impact of colonialism, as well as collective amnesia. Galanin reclaims narrative […]

Chris Regner

Chris Regner is an artist born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He works serially, using autobiography as a jumping-off point for satire, humiliation, and explorations of the grotesque. His work tackles a variety of topics, including religious and cultish indoctrination, the effect of technology on societal discourse, how to navigate adulthood as a male with […]

Rainer Gross

Rainer Gross was born in Cologne, Germany in 1951. In 1973 he left Cologne to come to New York City, where he continued his art career at a time when many proclaimed the “end of painting.” Gross’ reaction to this proclamation was to draw on his connection to the painterly heritage of traditional European Art […]

David Claerbout

This interview discusses the work of Claerbout in the context of an exhibition at Sean Kelly gallery in New York City.. Throughout his career, the Belgian artist David Claerbout has investigated the conceptual impact of the passage of time through his use of video and digital photography. As scholar David Green has explained, “Claerbout’s work […]

Scott Lyall

Scott Lyall (b. 1964, Toronto) lives and works in Toronto and New York. Scott Lyall combines drawing, painting, sculpture, and found objects into what he describes as a ‘scenography without actors,’ or ‘plastic supports for an almost clientless sense of design.’ His production revolves around issues related to sculptural display, the relationships between graphic processes, […]

Gabriel de la Mora

Gabriel de la Mora, born in 1968 in Mexico City where he currently lives and works, is best known for constructing visual works from found, discarded, and obsolete objects. In an obsessive process of collecting and fragmenting materials – eggshells, shoe soles, speaker screens, feathers – the Mexican artist creates seemingly minimal and often monochrome-looking […]

Luisa Rabbia

Luisa Rabbia (b. 1970, Turin, Italy) blends the distinctions made between the human and the natural, expressing solidarity with the cosmos through the organic, bodily landscapes of her expansive paintings. The scale of Rabbia’s paintings suits the themes she explores, oftentimes depicting overlapping abstracted figures joining and breaking apart, seemingly overcoming their physicality. She alludes […]

Abdul Mazid & Julian Lombardi

The Currency Project is a conceptual art piece that explores value creation and value transfer. Created and implemented by Abdul Mazid and Julian Lombardi in March 2020, The Currency Project seeks to use social engagement as a platform to explore contemporary theories surrounding currency, value and markets. By using tradeable sports cards as the basis […]

Elaine King

Elaine A. King was born in Oak, Park, Illinois and grew up in the Chicago area.  She was a Professor, at Carnegie Mellon University teaching the History of Art/Theory/Museum Studies.  King received an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1986 from the School of Speech (Theory and Culture) and History of Art. Dr. King holds […]

Donald Sultan

Donald Sultan (b. 1951 Asheville, NC) is an artist who rose to prominence in the late 1970s as part of the “New Image” movement. Sultan has challenged the boundaries between painting and sculpture throughout his career. Using industrial materials such as roofing tar, aluminum, linoleum and enamel, Sultan layers, gouges, sands and constructs his paintings—sumptuous, […]