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Vladimir Palibrk

Curator, writer and artist.

After graduating at Comparative studies of world literature department at Belgrade University, Vladimir focused mostly on storytelling through various forms, including words, graphic art forms, and event production/network management as ways to externalize his visions. With more than 10 years of experience of working as a mediator and author both in challenging non-formal international setting as well in more structured official platforms and organizations worldwide gave him valuable experience in the nature of creative and team processes. He is based in Paris, France, since 2015.

Installation at Atelier Meraki Paris by DZAIZKU
Dzaizku collage by Vladimir Palibrk
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  1. […] Vladimir Palibrk spoke to us from Paris where he was busy with a number of things. Among them, collaborating with abstract street artists (he prefers the term muralists) who will eventually paint walls in the Balkans. Of course, this project is on hold during the Coronavirus pandemic. In the interim, they continue to plan. Palibrk is also writing a lot of late. Typically his writing is in the form of a diary or what he calls “philosophical fairy tales for lazy grown ups.” Palibrk has also joined a group of people living in a commune and now finds himself in what he refers to as a “front line squatting” situation. He continues to collaborate with the group who are all sheltering together during quarantine. To hear more from Palibrk, including why he says the present moment is proving to be the best time of his life, listen to the complete interview. […]


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