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Chase Biado

Chase Biado, 2023, Photo by Ed Mumford

Chase Biado said bridging fantasy and art once felt off limits, as if he were “smuggling childhood interests into a contemporary conversation.” In reality, fantasy is a critical facet of adult life. “We’re having these epic mythological experiences — in our heads and in our relationships,” he said. “But on the exterior, we’re going about our daily lives.” Biado’s style, draped in jubilation, entices viewers to imagine, for a second, what else is possible.

Chase Biado (b. 1985) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He received a BFA from Portland State University, Portland, Oregon in 2012. Biado exhibits both under his own name as well as one half of the artist duo A History of Frogs alongside his partner Antonia Pinter. Recent solo exhibitions of Biado’s include The Pit and Noon Projects in Los Angeles, CA. He has also shown with VODA, Seoul, South Korea; Marta, Los Angeles, CA; Bozo Mag, Los Angeles, CA; The Neutra VDL House, Los Angeles, CA; Helen’s Costume, Portland, OR; Ruscha and Co., Los Angeles, CA; and participated in DIMIN’s inaugural exhibition.

Chase Biado, The Elf Disappeared, 2024.
Chase Biado, Music for Field Mice, 2024.
Chase Biado, Another Night in Elf City, 2023.
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