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Praxis is trying to raise $6000, to travel to a Venice for the Architecture Biennial in September 2018 and produce new interviews with at least 15 featured artists, architects and curators.

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$5-$50 A Month- Sustaining Members are the foundation of our programming allowing us to continue to produce the now more than 900 interviews with people making significant contributions to our culture.
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About the series:


The Praxis Center’s, The Lives of the Artists, Architects, Curators Writers, and More is an interview series.

This series documents the lives of diverse people making significant contributions to the art world today, and currently has more than 65,000 subscribers.

Curator and host, Brainard Carey has recorded and distributed more than 800 in-depth interviews with notable artists, writers, curators and architects, including: David Elliott, John Currin, Mira Schor, Robert Storr, Marilyn Mintner, Marina Abramović, Eileen Myles, David Levi Strauss, Gregory Tate, Edgar Oliver, Diane Lewis, Kulapat Yantrasast, Paul Miller (DJ Spookey), David Hickey, Dread Scott, Ellen Gallagher, and many others.

This series is currently broadcast weekly on Yale University’s radio station, WYBC, and is available, for free, online as an itunes podcast and on the archive website.

Goals of the Praxis Interview Series:

– Increase access to the arts
– Contribute to improved understanding of and appreciation for the arts
– Document the lives of diverse artists of today, for posterity
– Provide a platform for women, LGBTQ, POC and other under-represented artists
– Increase access to the arts for the general public
– Educate the public around: The impact of the arts on society; The creative processes of diverse artists; The needs of diverse living artists, regarding social, and institutional resources and supports; New ways to meaningfully engage with the arts.
An oral history collection in the making, The Praxis Center for professional studies also connects living artists from around the world to one another, and to new opportunities and artist resources (funding opportunities, platforms and institutions that may showcase/publish their work, technical support, artist materials and new media resources, artists networks, community programs, and more).

Organization/Project Director The Praxis Center for Professional Studies, is a learning space and digital resource center for professional artists, founded in 1999 by Brainard Carey, and Delia Carey, Mr. Carey is the Project Director and host of the Praxis interview series, The Lives of the Artists, Architects, Curators, Writers, and more. A multimedia artist himself, Mr. Carey’s work has been featured at such notable venues as The Whitney Museum of American Art (2002 Biennial), PS1/MOMA, the Kitchen,
Performance Space 122, The White Chapel Gallery in London, LMCC, and others.

Mr. Carey is the author of numerous books on artistic practices and resources for working artists, and served on the executive board of Yale Radio from 2011 to 2014. He oversees all of the activities of the Praxis Center for Professional Studies.

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