Doreen McCarthy

Doreen McCarthy is a sculptor who works with inflatables, Plexiglas and Lenticular plastic. Her work is akin to engaging in conversation about the history of art. There are sly references to a number of influential movements and her creations illustrate her facility with a broad scope of rigorous conceptual and formal languages. The color and […]

Timothy Hull

Timothy Hull (born 1979, New York, NY) received an MFA at Parsons School of Design, New York, and a BA at New York University, New York. Recent solo exhibitions include: For Ammonis Who Died at 29 in 610 at ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles, (2016) Painting in the Imperfect Tense, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York (2016) […]

Yvette Brackman

Yvette Brackman is an artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work takes many forms such as installation, sculpture, performance, video and text. She explores themes such as the relationship of the body to space and memory; the interaction between origin and trauma as a result of displacement and exile; cultural survival and adaptability and political systems […]

Nina Waisman

As a former dancer turned new media artist, Nina Waisman is fascinated by the critical roles that movement and sensation play in forming thought: “the very structure of reason itself comes from the details of our embodiment. The same neural and cognitive mechanisms that allow us to perceive and move around also create our conceptual […]

Dr Inês Rolo Amado

Dr Inês Rolo Amado, Born in Portugal, works and lives in England. Her practice spans several media: sculpture, video, site-specific installation, and performance with a particular interest in interdisciplinary, collaboration, participatory and relational projects through a process of dialogue, interaction and exchange. Amado is the creator and organizer of the Interdisciplinary project Bread Matters. Her main area […]

Emily Mast

Emily Mast makes performances and installations that incorporate bodies, movement, sound and light as live sculptural material. Her work consists of collaborative practices that celebrate their ambiguous position between art, theater, poetry and dance. She often allows her work to unfold in chapters by proposing iterations and offshoots of the same piece. This comes from a longstanding interest […]

Anthony Howe

American artist, Anthony Howe, began working on metal kinetic wind sculptures from a peculiar place–atop his apartment rooftop in Manhattan. Stringing discarded elevator cables from rooftop to rooftop, his first wind-powered kinetic sculptures literally danced across the New York City sky.   After years of painting with watercolor, Mr. Howe turned to his fascination of […]

Pearl Albino

After graduating from Mary Baldwin College with an Art History / Arts Management degree in 1993, I moved to New York to attend grad school at NYU, with the goal of working at a gallery.  In 1994 I started at Stux Gallery, as the lone recession-special employee, and stayed on for seven years as the […]

Mimmo Catania

Mimmo Catania is an Italian-born artist, living in Berlin since 1984. He studied painting at Accademia di Belle Arti Urbino (1980-84). He has been working in the last three decades on a synthesis of Informal art (eighties), Environmental strategies (ninenties) and since the beginning of the 2000s introducing the figure to form what he denominates […]

Barbara Bestor

Barbara Bestor, AIA is founding principal of Bestor Architecture. Since 1995, Bestor Architecture has actively redefined Los Angeles architecture with a practice that rigorously engages the city through design, art, and urbanism. Increasingly, the firm applies L.A.’s lessons to national undertakings. Projects such as Beats by Dre headquarters, Blackbirds small-lot housing development, and Intelligentsia café […]