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Vasiliki Antonopoulou

Vasiliki Antonopoulou lives and works in London, UK. She was born in Greece and raised in Saudi Arabia, two locations which re-emerge in her practice.

She was interviewed a second time in 2019, and that interview can be found by clicking here.

Her work combines text, performance and moving image, to explore notions of love and displacement by drawing metaphors between body and architecture. These manifest through site specific performances that delve into the emotional relationships that exists in particular spaces.

She obtained her BA in Fine Art Practice from Goldsmiths University of London in 2012, and completed her MA in Contemporary Art Practice (Moving Image) at the Royal College of Art in 2018.

The book mentioned during the interview is by Sara Ahmed, Queer Phenomenology: Orientations, Objects, Others.

XPAT, video still, 2018
Dry, video still, 2018
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  1. […] Vasiliki Antonopoulou lives and works in London where she is working on a video imagining a future where glass has taken over the landscape. Antonopoulou’s work focuses on ideas of displacement and for this work she considers what may come next in a world where there is a push toward uniform urban identity. In this work, Antonopoulou examines how “the other” may fit in with an increasingly conservative, homogenized landscape. […]


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