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Vasiliki Antonopoulou

This is the second interview with Vasiliki, the one can be heard by clicking here.

Vasiliki Antonopoulou was born in Greece and raised in Saudi Arabia, two locations which re-emerge in her process. Her practice combines text, performance and moving image, to explore notions of displacement and otherness. These manifest in metaphors that create multiple layers delving into the emotional relationships that exists in particular spaces and architecture.

Using a sculptural language, her work queers the process of image editing by challenging the binary format of rough versus sleek moving image. Her outcomes, are visual poems that occupy a space in between where displaced images reflect the notions she works with.

‘Dry’, Film Still, ongoing 
‘Dry’, Film Still, ongoing 
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  1. […] Vasiliki Antonopoulou spoke to us for a second time. At the moment she is in the final stages of a project that is, in her words, “almost materializing” meaning the content is becoming clearer. Antonopoulou uses the scenes she is working on to process the present. The video she is producing is one that looks at the future through the lens of two lovers in the future reminiscing on the past which is the present we live in now. Visits with her grandmother added further layers to the work. Antonopoulou is involved in an artist residency in the UK at the moment during which she and her collaborators are presently exhibiting at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Antonopoulou splits her time between London and Athens. To hear more about this and more, listen to the complete interview. […]


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