Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Steven Simon

SSimonSteven Simon, a Los Angeles based artist, builds large, labor-intensive sculptures and installations. Repurposing organic and machine-made materials enables him to create sculptural editorials that imply the fragile balance between technological advancements and natural resources.

Simon’s solar-powered creations examine light, space and architectural structures. He has fabricated site-specific sculptures for Villa Buenaventura Sculpture Garden in San Juan Cosala, Mexico and Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork, Ireland. Collaborative research produced large outdoor installations in Chicago and upstate New York.

For over thirty years, Simon has run the sculpture lab at UCLA, teaching students a myriad of fabrication methods with a vast array of materials, styles and concepts.

“Throughout my life, I have created art that intrigues, confronts and amuses the viewer. I want to entertain both the eye and mind by instigating discussion of ostensible meaning and social significance.”—Steven Simon

Road, Suspended from cables, a steel storage system for old growth trees being cleared by logging industry roads , Dangerous Curve, Downtown Los Angeles 2005
Component, 30 foot tall aluminum tower, covered in computer circuit boards with solar powered light, South Mountain, Santa Paula, California 1996-2003
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