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Ad Minoliti & Catalina Schliebener Muñoz

Catalina Schliebener Muñoz

BARRO NY is pleased to present “Manifesto of Immature Abstraction,” an exhibition featuring the works of Ad Minoliti and Catalina Schliebener Muñoz. This show explores queer approaches to abstraction through the use of colors and
shapes that articulate non-binary narratives which counter the coloniality of gender, sexuality, age, and interspecies life.
The gallery space transforms into an abstract dialogue between queer representations of the animal that reinvent their forms by dismantling colonial imaginaries of the childish, immature, and naive. This deconstruction and critique allows the artists to challenge traditional narratives that intervene in the subjectivation of children, disorganizing and transcending through fantasy.

Ad Minoliti

Ad Minoliti’s vibrant abstract compositions radiate a spectrum of hues, using geometric shapes to implicitly suggest faces and animal figures. These works invite viewers into a speculative universe where childhood becomes the tool from whichto experience critical perspectives on artistic movements.Meanwhile, Catalina Schliebener Muñoz presents works made with vinyl cutouts, colored pencils, and embroidery on mat boards and walls. Oscillatingbetween modes of sophistication and craft, the artist uses pastels and the textureof embroidery to invite deep reflection on social and behavioral norms as well asdefinitions of bodily normality imposed on children.

Across their respective styles, both artists use abstraction to disorient childhood’s symbolic straightness, the imperative of extroversion, and the adult- centric demand for seriousness and coherence of identity.  Ad Minoliti employsgeometry and Catalina Schliebener Muñoz uses fragmentation to reinterpret the role of the visual in the social construction of normality. These abstract deconstructions question the stereotypes of mass media, the historical canon of modern art, and contemporary geopolitical narratives, thereby contributing to the decolonization of the modernist social imaginary.

Ad Minoliti, MARGARITA PUNZO, 2022, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 cm, 47.25 x 47.25 in
Ad Minoliti, OSITE, 2022, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 cm, 47.25 x 47.25 in
Catalina Schliebener Muñoz, Growing Sideways Series, (Lovers after MK) – Pair 2021, Sock Monkeys, plexiglass boxes. 10.5 x 24 x 11 in, 26.67 x 60.96 x 27.94 cm
Catalina Schliebener Muñoz, Coloring Book Series, Minnie II, 2023, Vinyl, colored pencil, and embroidery on mat board, 33.3 x 33.3 in 83.82 x 83.82 cm


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