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Camilla Carlberg

ett till porträtt879Camilla Carlberg is a senior curator and a head of department at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. She holds a BA in art history from the University of Stockholm and the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

In her practice as a curator Camilla is interested in emerging artists and in ephemeral art. She think it’s important that the younger generation of both artists and audience regard Moderna Museet as accessible and welcoming, and that the museum can take care of their interests and ways of expression. As the head of the Learning department, she sees as her mission to continuously broaden the museum’s audience.

Camilla has worked at Moderna Museet since 1995. During these 20 years she has curated exhibitions and programs both at the museum in Stockholm and abroad. Internationally she has worked with Swedish artist’s presentations at the Venice Biennial, the Istanbul Biennial, the New Delhi Triennial and Mois de la Photo in Paris.

Camilla started her carrier at Moderna Museet working in the department of photography as curatorial assistant, and the moved on to working with contemporary art exhibitions in the museum and internationally. During the last 10 years, she has also curated many performances, festivals and seminars within the museum.

Camilla also curated in the museum was large scale project with Barbara Kruger in 2008, a semi-permanent installation in the two entrance lobby areas of the museum. The piece was called Untitled (In between being born and dying) and was on display between 2008 and 2012.

The latest thing she curated was a performance with Italian artist Linda Fregni Nagler. The performance is called Things that Death Cannot Destroy and is a dual display of old glass photographs screened through magic lanterns in September 2015.

She is currently curating a series of lectures that revolve around the global contemporary art world, called A larger World

Since 2006 Camilla is head of the Learning department, the public programs department. Together with the ten curators of the department she creates all public programs that the museum offers both in the museum and online. She has created platforms within the educational part of the museum, for example The Studio, which was a platform for young practitioners within performance art, text based art and choreography. She also created the program Museum Museum, a format that introduces young adults to contemporary art and artists, and simultaneously takes care of the feed back from the young participants on their thoughts of the museum and what they would like it to be like.

Francesca Woodman, From Angel series, Rome, Italy, 1977 © George and Betty Woodman, NB: No toning, cropping, enlarging, or overprinting with text allowed.
Olafur Eliasson, Seu corpo da obra (Your body of work), 2011 © 2011 Olafur Eliasson. Photo: Anders Sune Berg. Installation view, Moderna Museet/ArkDes, Stockholm 2015.
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