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Siniša Labrović part 2

This is part two of an interview with Siniša, part one of his interview can be heard here.

Siniša Labrović was born in Sinj, Croatia, in 1965. He has exhibited all over Croatia and abroad. In 2005 he attracted the attention of world media (such as Reuters, BBC, Ansa, New York Post, Guardian, Times, NBC, ABC) with his work in which sheep were the contestants in a reality show. In the 2007 for the video Family Diary/News he won the purchase prize at the first T-HT and Museum of Contemporary Art competition in Zagreb.

In 2009 at the 11th Istanbul Biennial he presented the work (book) Lisansustu Egitim/Postagraduate Education.

In 2012 he represented Croatia on 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, titled Common Ground, together with Pula Group, Hrvoslava Brkušić, Igor Bezinović and Boris Cvjetanović.

Siniša Labrović is a freelance artist who lives in Zagreb.

The books mentioned in the interview is by Jonathan Beller, The Cinematic Mode of Production.

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