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Regine Basha

2012-07-28 19.47.10BASHA PROJECTS sites the curatorial output of independent curator Regine Basha. Basha Projects serves as a virtual compendium of exhibitions past, present and future, as well as a web channel— RESIDENT: HOST— for video and aural programs with contemporary visual and sound artists that Basha engages with as a cultural producer.

Since 1993, Regine Basha has been curating innovative exhibitions for public institutions, civic spaces, magazines and private galleries nationally and internationally. With an exploratory approach to exhibition design, production and reception, Basha works closely with artists to create specific contexts in which to encounter the work. Often collaborating with partners both in and outside the frame of the art world, Basha aims to mediate between diverse sites of knowledge and interests. Art for her is the third space through which we communicate, test out new ideas, and envision other possible realities across geographical and immaterial borders.

Basha was born in Israel to Iraqi parents, she grew up in Montreal and Los Angeles and attended New York University, Concordia University (Studio Art and Art History) and graduated from Bard College, Center for Curatorial Studies’ inaugural class of 1996.

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0 Old-Bronx-Borough-Courthouse-image
WHEN YOU CUT INTO THE PRESENT THE FUTURE LEAKS OUT @ the Old Bronx Court House, photo: Elliot Kensinger)
Teresa Diehl
Teresa Diehl, Old Bronx Court House, photo: Whitney Browne
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