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Pilar Millán

Pilar Millán resides in Berlin. Her multi-disciplinary projects tend towards the cultural, social, and political borders and their consequences in our society. In most of these projects, Millan pursues her ongoing creative explorations into fundamental concepts of diverse myths, as an archaeology of transcendental ideas of the human being and their actual manifestations. And as a European artist she tries to reflect on canonized western positions from a transcultural perspective.

Millan’s work takes form in projects, most of them participatory-based. They are presented as installations that may combine photography, video, drawing and painting, objects and audios. In these installations she creates spaces that lead deep into layers of rich historical narratives in a contemporary form.

In 2003 Pilar Millan graduated from the University of Seville in Arts and continued her studies with diverse courses at the MACBA, Barcelona. Her work has been presented in solo and collective exhibitions in institutions, galleries and fairs like ARCO Madrid in 2007/08; CCCB, Barcelona; Sala Santa Inés, Seville; or the University of Barcelona (UB). Images for stage setting for CAT-CDG, Círculo de BBAA, Madrid. She has also been invited by the Foundation Pilar Citoler-Alliance Française to PhotoEspaña, Madrid; by the Forum Eugenio de Almeida (curated by Claudia Giannetti) Evora; Video-Festival MM, Casa Encendida, Madrid; and Berlinerpool, Berlin, in 2014. Rivadavia and Neilson Chapman Gallery (curated by Alicia Chillida) Grazalema, in Cádiz 2015. She participated in ARTifariti at the Saharawian Refugees Camps of Tindouf, Algeria, in the context of a cooperation with Federico Guzmán with an audio piece in the Palacio de Cristal, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (MNCARS) Madrid 2015.

Seminars and conferences at the University of Barcelona, Barcelona 2014, and in 2015 at Arts Club Berlin (ACB), Berlin (Art as a strategy to change the sociopolitical borders, curated by Andrzej Raszyk).

The books that Pilar Millan is reading: El futuro de la nostalgia (The future of nostalgia), Svetlana Boym. Antonio Machado Libros Edt., Madrid 2015.

The stage play (CAT-CDG).

Negative Revelation 2016, Photographic celluloid and cartoon on plastic frames filled with materials from the chapter East-Germany of the Shopping in Occupied Territories project (2015-work in progress). Variable dimensions.
Silencis-Dona (Silenced Women) 2010/2015, Installation: Two digital videos and 21 sound insulating polyurethane foam elements (video 1. on screen with the images of the hand loom weavers and no audio; video 2. on the tridimensional elements with the images of the movement of the mechanical looms and audio of the rythmical noise of the reed combs of this loom). Variable dimensions. Textum project 2015.
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  1. […] Pilar Millan uses participatory collaboration to examine the consequences of sociopolitical and cultural boundaries. Her work is at all times influenced by the environment around her,whether that is the European countryside, where she once stumbled upon an abandoned Soviet air base, or the anonymity of life in the city. Millan’s work manifests as in the form of many media. She uses film, photography, painting, drawing, objects, and audios, to create dynamic installations that convey her message. […]

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