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Phil Smith

Phil Smith, Photo: Ian Hughes.

Phil Smith is a performance-maker, writer and ambulatory researcher, specialising in creating performances related to walking, site-specificity, mythogeographies and counter-tourism. He is a core member of site-based arts collective Wrights & Sites, presently working on a new publication: ‘The Architect-Walker’. He is developing a ‘common dance for threatened subjectivities’ with choreographer Melanie Kloetzel (Calgary University). He is also working as a Site Artist for Tracing the Pathway’s ‘Groundwork’ project in Milton Keynes and with Threshold Studios on the Digitalis project in the same city. Phil’s publications include ‘Anywhere’ (2017), ‘A Footbook of Zombie Walking’ and ‘Walking’s New Movement’ (2015), ‘On Walking’ and ‘Enchanted Things’ (2014), ‘Counter-Tourism: The Handbook’ (2012) and ‘Mythogeography’ (2010).  Phil is an Associate Professor (Reader) at Plymouth University.

The book mentioned in the interview was  the ‘Anywhere’ book.

Here is a link to one of his performance walks,  ‘Blazing Worlds Walks’ in Northfield (MN)

Phil Smith performing ‘Crab Steps Aside’
Phil Smith practising counter-tourism at Somerleyton Hall, Suffolk
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