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Cheryl McGinnis

Cheryl McGinnis

In 1995 Cheryl McGinnis began looking at Chinese contemporary artists.  Having become entranced and excited about the work of Zhang Hongtu, Zhang Huan, Gu Wenda, Ai Wei Wei, to name a few.  Neither these artists nor she wanted to be apart of the traditional gallery system. Her vision was to create a space in which the artists would be present in exhibiting their works and engage with the viewers in a conversation about the work.

Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, a contemporary salon became an exciting space in which many artist’s careers were born, nurtured and thrived.  Zhang Hongtu, Emma Amos, Donna Sharret, Lin Yan, Wei Jia, Cui Fei and others. In doing so and following her vision, she was instrumental in creating the Chinese contemporary market today.  As well, the salon exhibited more women artists than any other gallery or alternative space at that time. It was a great success.

Everything she has launched  was and is an extension of the salon concept.  Although salons are popular today, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery,  a contemporary salon was one of the first to take this notion of artist’s discussing their works, studio visits for viewers and a more open and accessible space.  The Flatiron Prow Art Space, Cheddar, smART stART and the salon today are all important aspects of the original vision of being a separate entity to the traditional gallery system and  ‘to make art accessible to all.’

Hu Bing Shattered Debris, Sheer Transformation Flatiron Prow Art Space curated by: Cheryl McGinnis Projects
Cheryl McGinnis, Art Correspondent, Cheddar -Between Bells, Flatiron Prow Art Space
Welcoming in a school group from Israel to see “From the Razor’s Edge” at the Flatiron Prow Art Space.
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  1. […] Cheryl McGinnis is a gallerist, private art dealer, and owner of Cheryl McGinnis Gallery. In her former role as a gallery director, she found ways to allow artists to show their work without having to pay. After parting ways from this position she started her own space in 1995. Today, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery is a contemporary art salon where the integrity of the artist is held to the highest standard. The gallery was an enormous success from the get-go, frequently selling out entire exhibits. McGinnis takes a long view of art collecting. “An art collection is the visual diary of your life,” she says. In 2008, the financial crash severely affected the art business. McGinnis used the moment to move her space to another area of New York City. Through her gallery, McGinnis has grown and supported the careers of the artists she shows, many of whom are women. Today, throughout all her gallery spaces, the salon model allows for more involvement with the art inviting people to come in and take tea and talk about the work. […]


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