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Luciano Chessa

Luciano Chessa by Melesio Núñez

Luciano Chessa is a composer, conductor, performance artist, pianist, and musical saw/Vietnamese dan bau soloist.

Recent compositions include the experimental opera Cena oltranzista nel castelletto al lago produced for the TRANSART Festival  in Bolzano, Italy: a work lasting 60+ hours (including  55 hours of fasting) accessible in its entirety via a 24hrs/day live streaming; they also include Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze!, a large-scale work on Melville’s Moby Dick and A Heavenly Act, an opera with original video by Kalup Linzy commissioned by SFMOMA.

Recent record releases include PETROLIO, a monographic CD issued by Stradivarius, Italy’s leading Classical Music Label.

Books mentioned in the interview;  Nicola Perullo’s book on wine (not translated yet). And this is his most recent book, out on Columbia University Press this year. Also mentioned in the interview was The Futurist Cookbook.

Luciano Chessa performing his “Mr. Qill, Let There Be Light” at PSI International in Stanford University in 2013. Photo is by Jamie Lyons.
From a recent opera: “Cena oltranzista nel castelletto al lago” “An Extremist Banquet in the Castle by the Lake” (2016). Photo taken during the performance of the opera.
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