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Lenore Malen

Lenore Malen is a New York based interdisciplinary artist. In 1999 she invented The New Society for Universal Harmony, a fictional re-creation of an l8th century utopian society, and ever since she has used the lens of history—and humor—to explore utopian longings, dystopic aftermaths, and the sciences and technologies that inform them.

She uses diverse media in all of her projects, incorporating performance, photography, film/video, multi-screen projection, installation and fiction writing.  Recently her explorations have focused on ecology, on cultural myths, and on the unstable boundaries between humans and animals. She’s currently working on a film “Scenes From Paradise,” a dark comedy in which the cautionary tale, Eden, is made newly relevant by the ticking clock of climate change, habitat loss and extinction.

Malen received a BA in Art History from Skidmore College, a MA in Art history from the University of Pennsylvania. She received a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship and NYFA and NYSCA awards in Interdisciplinary Art. She teaches in the MFA Fine Arts Program at Parsons/The New School.

The books mentioned in the interview are Adam, Eve and the Serpent by Elaine Pagels and History and Obstinacy by Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt as well as Cary Wolfe’s Before the Law: Humans and Other Animals in a Biopolitical Frame.

Read more about Lenore here with Scenes from Paradise and New Society.

Scenes From Paradise (Live Performance) Art Omi International Art Center, Omi New York 2016
Acquinas (Studio Installation) 2015
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