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Georg Oskar

Georg Óskar (b.1985, Iceland) currently works and lives in Oslo, Norway. He graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from Akureyri School of visual arts in 2009 and subsequently obtained his MFA from the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design in Bergen, Norway, in 2016. Since then, Oskar has exhibited internationally in various countries, including United States, Spain, Germany, China, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, to name a few.

Fundamentally, his practice is regarded as a visual diary of his personal observations of the mundane, specifically in nature and people. His works are composed in a unique manner to allow multiple entry points for viewers, prompting them to reflect on the complexities of contemporary life.

Infused with a distinct twist, Oskar’s narratives are often sarcastic but always offer genuine observations of his lived and built environment. A sense of levity and innocence is located within his narratives and murkiness of his palette, to operate as a ‘psychological counteract’ that enables him to maintain a bemused distance from the profane, the dark, and the obscene.

Georg Óskar, Romeo and Juliet, 2022, Oil on canvas, 200 × 150 cm
Georg Óskar
The end of Everything, Oil on canvas, 200 × 250 cm
Georg Óskar, Drowning little bit Everyday, 2022, Oil on canvas, 200 × 150 cm
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  1. What an excellent Interview. I appreciate Georg Oskar’s openess that Brainard Carey has the ability to bring out in people while interviewing. Mr. Oskar’s work is so moving. Mr. Carey helped clarify some of my own questions about it and the interview brought a feeling of connectedness with Mr. Oskar’s and his work.

  2. […] Georg Oskar spoke to us from Oslo, Norway, about his recent show, After the Punch, which ran in November 2022 at JD Malat Gallery. Oskar and his wife moved to Oslo roughly two years ago from Berlin when they felt it was time to change and be closer to friends and Oksar’s family in Iceland. The title of his recent show has more than one meaning. The first is quite literal, referring to an assault Oskar survived at an ATM in Berlin. The other meaning speaks to the intense two years of growth and recovery between the time of the assault and when the show was about to go up. During this time, Oskar says he did a lot of maturing in a short period of time. To hear more about the exhibition of large-scale canvases, listen to the complete interview. […]


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