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Jodi Hays

Jodi Hays (b. 1976) is a Nashville-based artist whose work explores the material vocabulary of the American South through reclaimed and repurposed cardboard, textiles, and fabrics that resemble screen doors, old boards, and sign paintings. She is a 2019 Finalist for the Hopper Prize. Her work has been seen most recently in a solo exhibition at Night Gallery, Los Angeles.

Jodi Hays and Michi Meko come together in The Burden of Wait to present a selection of works rooted in their shared focus, the Southern landscape. Hays employs reclaimed cardboard, dyed fabrics, and other quotidian materials to explore the visual lexicon of the American South. She describes her practice as “a southern povera,” calling upon the use of unconventional and humble materials. Hays’ work is further inspired by the material habits of Robert Rauschenberg and the rituals and repetitions of Beverly Buchanan. Through her deliberate use of found material, the artist visualizes the resourceful labor of women in the South as those that make, stack, sew, mend, and fix.

JODI HAYS Meridian, 2022 Dye, paper, ribbon and cardboard collage on panel 24 x 30 in. (JHY0006) Courtesy of Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC.
JODI HAYS May/December , 2022 Dye, and cardboard collage on wood strainer 45 x 46 in. (JHY0007) Courtesy of Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC.
JODI HAYS Cotton, 2022 Dye, paper, and cardboard collage 71 x 56 in. (JHY0005) Courtesy of Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC.
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  1. […] Jodi Hays sat down to chat with us about her show, The Burden of Wait: Paintings from the New American South, on view at Susan Inglett Gallery until January 28. She uses a variety of media for her collages, though dyed cardboard is her primary material. Hays worked alongside Michi Meko for this show, creating works that were in conversation with his. In addition to cardboard, she brings in paper, fabric, acrylic paint and more. To hear further discussion about the materials Jodi Hays works with, the meaning behind her art and more, listen to the complete interview. […]


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