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Fernando Martín Velazco

Fernando Martín Velazco is a Mexican writer, theorist, and multidisciplinary researcher. His work focuses on the field of expanded arts and performative literature. Since 2015, he is the captain and founder of the Stultifera Navis Institutom, an organization dedicated to the artistic, scientific, and humanistic research through creative expeditions. In 2017 he started the cycle “The Leviathan Games” (2017-2020) carrying out multidisciplinary research with grey whales, a project later supported by the grants program Art, Science & Technology 2018 from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He was curator of the art exhibition “Joy of the Whale”, presented in LA Film Boutique in Los Angeles, California (2019), and coordinator of “Fusion/Fision. Intensive poetic-body research workshop with gray whales” in Baja, Mexico (2020). He is part of the 2020 Djerassi Resident Artists Program.
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Reading of the “Maritime ode” (2019) Site-specific intervention part of “The Leviathan Games”
“Meyihél” (2020) Photography, part of “The Leviathan Games”

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  1. […] Fernando Martin Velazco spoke to us from a little town in Baja Mexico where he has been working for the last several years. As the pandemic continues to unfold, he is working with colleagues to complete The Leviathan Games which he began in 2017. The project involves researching grey whales as well as reading poetry to them at the site of the largest species massacre ever recorded. The crew were taken by surprise at the reaction the whales had to this experiment.  His work crosses over the lines of art and science. To hear more about this incredible project that is not to be missed, as well as other projects, listen to the complete interview. To see footage, click the link above for The Leviathan Games. […]


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