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Dianna Settles

Dianna Settles is a Vietnamese-American artist in Atlanta, Georgia who received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2014. Her current work explores moments of joyful stillness amidst the cascading series of crises called modern life, accomplished through her synthesis of traditional Vietnamese and classical European painting styles.

Dianna Settles
Colorfast/fugitives (a vital knowing of the potential to shape, to change, to build, to play, to open the world to new worlds, new possibilities, newly knotting ourselves to our place and time), 2022
Acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor on wood panel
32 x 48 inches
Dianna Settles
How do we follow after you? Cupping circles, culling rows, 2022
Acrylic and colored pencil on wood panel
32 x 24 inches
Dianna Settles
How to make it last, how to share (apple season) , 2022
Acrylic and colored pencil on panel
32 x 24 inches
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  1. […] Diana Settles joined us to discuss, among other things, her recent show at March Gallery titled A Life Worth Living Would be a Life Worth Living. The title grew out of a conversation with friends and Settles interest in scrutinizing what aspects of life make it worth living. Many of the activities depicted in the work are oriented toward the revelry in our abilities to shape the world around us and structure our lives in meaningful and joyful ways. For Settles, that means not being isolated from others, from the things made possible through our labor and not feeling disconnected with the things we interact with on a daily basis. To hear more, listen to the complete interview. […]


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