Sunday, June 23, 2024

Derek Boshier

DerekDerek Boshier first came to prominence in the early 1970’s as a member of the British Pop Art Movement with other Royal College of Art students Pauline Boty, David Hockney, Allen Jones, RB Kitaj and Peter Philips.

He subsequently has worked in various mediums, painting, drawing, photography, installation, film, sculpture, theater design, graphics and books,.

He has also worked outside the art world notably in the Pop music world with David Bowie and the Clash. He is represented in public collections in the UK, USA, France, Israel, Australia, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Japan, singapore, Cuba, and others.

A Thames and Hudson monograph and a BBC/TV documentary on him are due out in September this year. Click here for more information on that and to preorder a book.

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