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Cristina Barroso

PortraitThe artist Cristina Barroso (born in Sao Paulo 1958) is at home in many places. She lives in a state of continuous transition and makes it fruitful for her art. In her works, Cristina Barroso grapples with, examines, and uses all kinds of maps. Conventional maps and topographic city photographs form the substratum for colors and textures in her painting. What comes into existence is pictorial topography, a unique metaphorical language within the context of what is described as “mapping” in art discourse. Geographic textures and painterly structures mutually interpret each other as systems and patterns. Names and numbers underscore the conceptual idea to, in turn, measure the works and, with meanings, give orientation to the pictorial space and create imaginary territories. In these paintings, the observer finds the astonishment of the traveler, literary allusions, and the artist’s abstracting, painterly presence. 

Cristina Barroso graduated in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA). In 80s and 90s, she had studios in San Francisco, São Paulo, Miland, Berlin, Jerusalem and Munich and has enjoyed numerous scholarships and invitations as guest artist. Meanwhile, her work has been exhibited in the Sao Paulo Biennial, many galleries and museums in Brazil, Europe, Korea and the United States and have been published in many art magazines and books internationally.

She  lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.

“Global Brazil“, 2015 acrylic and collage on school map. 6.56’ x 6.36’ Feet
“Sign of Time“, 2015 Globe with sound of news in many languages
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