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Chandler McWilliams

Chandler’s work uses familiar materials like glass, lights, MDF, house paint, neon, and found objects to play with words, repetition, philosophy, and humor. He makes strong use of spatial awareness, anxiety, and scale to reference a lived reality of a mind obsessed with ethics smashed together with the constant pressures of fatherhood. His work plays with how much can be said with few words, out of context, and made material.

He has exhibited internationally in non-profit and commercial galleries, and art institutions such as the The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, California Institute of the Arts, Machine Project, Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art and the Istanbul Festival of Light.

Chandler has published pieces for academic journals and conferences and is the co-author of “Form + Code in Design, Art, and Architecture” (Princeton Architectural Press, 2010). He currently teaches in the Design Media Arts program at UCLA.

The books i mentioned  are Fred Moten’s “The Undercommons”  and Eugene Thacker’s “Cosmic Pessimism”. The philosophy books for kids are from the Plato & Co series.

Saccades 2012 Between 36″ × 20″ and 60″ × 34″. Running time 12:19. Video, flat panel display.
Folly 2012 60″ × 74″ × 30″ Fan, paper.
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