Aura Rosenberg

Aura Rosenberg lives in New York City and Berlin.  She has examined themes of sexuality, childhood, work/play, family history and world history. 

She has produced painting, sculpture, photography, video, and plays keyboards with her bands Cornichons and Dirty Mirrors in NYC and Berlin.

In 1996 Stop Over Press published her first book, Head Shots. In 2002 DAAD and Steidl Verlag published her photo project Berliner Kindheit. In 2008 Hatje Cantz Verlag published Who Am I? What Am I, Where Am I?  In 2016 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Head Shots JOAN, an exhibition space in Los Angeles, showed all sixty-one photos in the book.  The series will be shown again in October 2017 at de Oudeschans in Amsterdam in an exhibition organised by Zippora Elders.  

Learn more at her galleries Meliksetian | Briggs, Los Angeles and Martos Gallery, New York.

Berlin Childhood: The Reading Desk, 1999, Cprint, 30” x 40”
Head Shots, Mike Kelley, 1993, Inkjet print,
Golden Age Rorschach, 2014, 38” x 26”, Acrylic paint over inkjet print mounted on Dibond
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  1. […] Aura Rosenberg is based in New York City and Berlin, Germany. Since 1993 she has worked on a project titled Berlin Childhood. Over the years the project has taken on many forms including a published book, souvenirs of Berlin’s Victory Column, photographs, and a film. The title comes from a series of texts by Walter Benjamin written during his exile from Berlin in the 1930s. Rosenberg began creating a photograph to correspond with each text which Benjamin wrote in order to combat his homesickness during exile. Chantal Benjamin, the granddaughter of Walter Benjamin moved to Berlin and contacted Rosenberg. The two became friends and Rosenberg began filming Benjamin and her daughter around the city also in correspondence with the original texts. Presently Rosenberg is editing her archive of footage and recording a narrative soundtrack of Walter Benjamin’s great-granddaughter reading his texts aloud. Rosenberg also creates work based on themes of sexuality. One of her current project is a continuation of an older work titled Porn Rock. […]