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Zsolt Asztalos

Zsolt Asztalos was Born in Hungary, in 1974. He lives in Budapest. He studied painting in Hungarian University of Fine Arts. At the beginning of his carrier he focused on the consumer society. His art analyzed the computer technology, the marketing and advertising world, high tech science research and the mass media. In the previous 6-8 years he began to study the history editing in the regard of individual and collective memory. His artworks based on studying the past in various approaches. He is quite interested in renovation of the past, editing world and national history and personal remembering. He uses contemporary equipment to expose his ideas: video, installations, different materials based on photograph.

He was awarded with highest art prize in his country (Munkacsy-prize). He represented Hungary in the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013 with his installation titled “Fired but Unexploded”. His artworks are exposed in many art markets through Europe: ARCO Madrid, Artissima-Bologna, Vienna Fair, Art Dubai, art markets in Paris, Berlin and London. He usually gives lectures about his art in various universities, for example in Courtauld Institute of Art in London. Zsolt Asztalos participated approx. in 100 group shows through Hungary, London, Madrid, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Venice, Paris etc. and had about 30 solo shows. His artworks can be found in many private collections all over Europe, USA and Middle East.

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  1. […] Zsolt Asztalos is a Hungarian artist living and working in Budapest. His previous work focused on the bust, in part how it has been redefined throughout history. All of his work came back to this focal point. […]


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