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Walid Siti

Walid Siti was born in 1954, in the city of Duhok, in Iraqi-Kurdistan. After graduating in 1976 from the Institute of Fine arts in Baghdad, Siti left Iraq to continue his arts education in Ljubljana, Slovenia before settling in 1984 in the United Kingdom where he lives and works.

The work of Walid Siti traverses a complex terrain of memory and loss, while at the same time offering an acute insight into a world, which for him has been a place of constant change.  The narrative of Siti’s experience, of a life lived far from but still deeply emotionally connected to the place of one’s birth, is one he shares with many exiles. Siti takes inspiration from the cultural heritage of his native land that is crisscrossed with militarized borders and waves of migration.

Solo Exhibitions include, 2017, Zilberman Gallery, Berlin“ The Black Tower”, 2014/15 Istanbul, Edge of Arabia, London,“Reconstruction”. Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York; Rose Issa Projects, London. HIs work is also in Public Collections such as The Metropolitan Museum, New York. Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah. The British Museum, London. The Imperial War Museum, London. The National Gallery of Amman, Jordan. The World Bank, Washington, DC. Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The Iraq Memory Foundation. Art for American Embassy program, USA. Barjeel Art Foundation, UAE.

Elusive Mountain’ 2018, Barbed Wire & thin aluminium wire 400 x 800 x 300cm
Stone Tales’ 2018, Hard paper, newspaper of cuts & glue 340 x 600 x 10cm
Stone Tales’ 2018, Detail, Hard paper, newspaper of cuts & glue 340 x 600 x 10cm
Wheel of Fortune, Berlin/Paris, The Greek Goddess, Fortuna, spins the wheel at random, changing the positions of those on the wheel. Some suffer great misfortune, others gain windfalls
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