Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ya La’ford

Ya Levy-La’ford is an artist, educator and foremost a transporter working between the visual and our community  through a wide range of mediums including paint, sculpture, installation, video and sound. La’ford is known for her  site-specific installations of her bold, geometric paintings to  explore themes of transformation and transcendence. She builds each work with a unique vocabulary of intersecting lines and gestural repetition that create distinctive visual impact. Her labyrinth patterns are both an exploration of self and place, as well as a reflection of her Jamaican background. Complex yet minimal, La’ford’s work emphasizes contrasts between light and dark,  positive and negative space and draw connections between interconnectivity  and human neutrality.

The Monument, Metal Sculpture, 10 foot 
Tied, Environmental Facade Tampa, Metal Facade, 24 x 75 feet 
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  1. […] Ya La’ford is working on multiple new projects including a solo exhibition in 2021 at HCC. La’ford’s work examines the intersection of art and architecture through dimensional facade installations. She seeks to capture the mysteriousness of the world around us through her art and the way patterns can emerge in nature when there is flow. La’ford plans to spend her summer in Alaska where she will explore how we interact with the environment and how we can be more aware of what is happening. The artist addresses the space in such a way as to make the audience aware of their vantage point to the place and the work they view. To hear more about Ya La’ford’s work, her current exhibition and future shows, listen to the this candid and deeply personal interview. […]


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