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Tracy Rector

Tracy Rector is a mixed-race Choctaw/Seminole filmmaker, curator, and arts advocate based in Seattle, Washington. She is the executive director and co-founder of Longhouse Media, an indigenous media arts organization and home of the nationally acclaimed program Native Lens. She has worked as an education consultant at the Seattle Art Museum, as a native naturalist for the Olympic Sculpture Park, and has developed curriculum for IslandWood, an environmental education center.

She currently serves as a Seattle Arts Commissioner and is the 2017 curator of the Seattle Theatre Group’s Re:definition Gallery.

yәhaw̓ is a year-long Indigenous community-based project culminating in the inaugural exhibition at Seattle Office of Arts & Culture’s ARTS at King Street Station from March 23August 3, 2019. The exhibition is accompanied by a mentorship training cohort, satellite shows, residencies, youth empowerment, vendor opportunities and partner programs. yәhaw̓ will feature the work of 200+ Indigenous creatives at over 20 sites across Seattle and beyond. Curated by Tracy Rector (Choctaw/Seminole), Asia Tail (Cherokee), and Satpreet Kahlon, yәhaw̓ celebrates the depth and diversity of Indigenous art made in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more at

She has also directed and produced over 400 shorts and other films including the award-winning Teachings of the Tree People, March Point, Clearwater, and Ch’aak’ S’aagi, and is currently in production of her fifth feature documentary Outta the Muck. As an impact
producer, Tracy currently serves on the team for the feature documentary Dawnland,
which aired on the 2018/2019 Independent Lens season. Her work has been
featured on Independent Lens, Cannes Film Festival, ImagineNative, National
Geographic, Toronto International Film Festival, and in the Smithsonian’s
Museum of the American Indian.
Tracy’s Longhouse Media has trained over 3,000 young people and focuses on
galvanizing the Indigenous and local community through film production. Tracy is
a 2016 Stranger Genius, has received the National Association for Media
Literacy award for outstanding contributions made in the field of media education,
is a Firelight Media Fellow, WGBH Producer Fellow, Sundance Institute Lab
Fellow, Tribeca All Access Grantee, and is the recipient of the Horace Mann
Award for her work in utilizing media for social justice. Tracy’s first major
museum installation opened June 14, 2018 at the Seattle Art Museum. Tracy is
in her second term as a Seattle Arts Commissioner.
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