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Stefan Simchowitz


Stefan Simchowitz (born in Johannesburg, South Africa on October 8, 1970) is a Los Angeles-based art collector, art curator, and art advisor. He is a vocal proponent of social media as a legitimate vector for discovering, distributing, and popularizing the fine arts, primarily using Facebook and Instagram as platforms for self-promotion, discovering new artists, and endorsing those he already manages.

Simchowitz believes that conversations on social media hold a degree of influence over the artworld comparable to other canonical forums for artistic discussion and legitimization, including art reviews written by critics for key publications. Supporters see his method as concerned with diversifying the number of systems which recognize and produce credible artists. A number of them, including, but not limited to Sterling Ruby, Oscar Murillo, Lucien Smith, Petra Cortright, Zachary Armstrong, Kour Pour, Jon Rafman, and Mark Horowitz have all been advised by Stefan Simchowitz. In November 2015, he was ranked #95 in Art Review Magazine’s POWER 100, a list of 2015’s “most influential people in the contemporary artworld.”

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