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Elisabeth von Samsonow

Portrait Elisabeth von Samsonow
Elisabeth von Samsonow performing “Living Currency” (Thessaloniki), (c) Daniela Hölzl

Elisabeth von Samsonow is a Vienna based artist and philosopher. She has run the miniature circus “Hieronimus” after her studies, and started teaching philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich.

She was a guest student to the studios of Eduardo Paolozzi and Daniel Spoerri who had held chairs at the Munich art academy that time. When she moved to Vienna in 1991 she continued giving courses in philosophy at the University of Vienna and developed her artistic practice in different fields, mainly sculpture. She holds the chair of Philosophy and Anthropology of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna since 1996.

Her recent works comprise installations, videos and performances arranged around her sculptures, for example “Xylo Twittering“ (Berlin 2013), “The Nervous System of the Earth“ (Vienna 2014), “Living Currency” (Thessaloniki 2014) and “Horse’s Glory“ (Vienna 2015).

She is preparing the collective volume “Epidemic Subjects – Radical Ontologies“ to come out in spring 2016 (Diaphanes Press Zurich-Berlin and Chicago University Press), and a book on Egon Schiele (Enzyklopädie des Wiener Wissens, Bibliothek der Provinz Press 2016).

Her book Anti Electra. Totemism and Schizogamy” has been translated into french (Metis Presses Geneva 2015) and is actually translated into english (Univocal Press Minnesota 2016).

She is producing a monthly philosophical TV Show “Studio Elektra” for OKTO TVHer upcoming solo Show is entitled TRANSPLANTS.

Urpflanzen Aria, Goethe Institute, Barcelona 2014 Foto Wolfgang Thaler
Urpflanzen Aria, Goethe Institute, Barcelona 2014 Foto Wolfgang Thaler
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