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Stefan Klein

Klein’s work deals primarily with complex systems that are transferred in (performative) conceptual ways – in a subtle yet interactive form. Deduction as a method ranges from installations to interven- tions. He is interested in small gestures, and printed publications as a conceptual work, reflecting on performances as an action of a documented performative act.

Amongst others, he is intrigued by the work of Niklas Luhman, Albert Camus and Theodor W. Adorno.

Stefan Klein holds a Master in Sociology and received a Master in Fine Arts from the Public Arts and New Artistic Strategies Program at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. He has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions internationally.

He is also a founding member and runs the independent publishing house VERLAK.

Sunflower Seeds, shells of sunflower seeds, plastic bag. Presented (in the palm of the of the museum guard) at the Berlin Biennale 2016
KEEP GOING WEST UNTIL YOU CAN SEE THE SUN SET IN THE EAST, 2015. Publication/ Performance – Photo credit: ACTING SPACE – BAUHAUS GOES KUNSTFEST 2015  © Thomas Müller
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  1. […] Stefan Klein works in Berlin. Presently he is examining the concept of waiting. To this end, he has conducted quite a lot of field research. Waiting, he says, “is something that’s so routinely existing in our daily lives but at the same time has this very existential dimension to it so that almost everybody can relate to it but at the same time it’s a very abstract topic.” Another project, titled Introduction to Microeconomics is a book documenting Klein’s repeated ordering and return of a book by the same name. In this way, he examined documentation as a vital element of a whole work. Much of Klein’s work investigates complex systems through performative means. In September, Klein will begin a series of waiting sessions with people from various disciplines. He will meet with guests at a bus stop (a place of waiting) for a conversation. His audience will be comprised of both those who came to see the performance and those who happened to be waiting for the bus. In this way, Klein will access waiting from many perspectives. […]


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