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Sean Ripple

from the hotel_floating faceSean Ripple is a content provider, exhibitor, and curator based in Austin, TX. Working as a file clerk for a Big 4 accounting firm, while simultaneously traveling as a touring musician in his mid to late 20’s, was important to his development as an artist. In his early 30’s, he attended St. Edward’s University – initially to study art. However, after a drawing instructor wisely discouraged him from continuing with this degree path, he switched majors. He graduated in 2012 with a degree in Organizational Communication. 

In 2009, he left the accounting firm and joined The Austin Museum of Art (now The Contemporary Austin) as the Registration Coordinator for the museum’s art school. After serving in that role for for close to 3 years, he moved into the curatorial department and is currently an Assistant Curator.  

To connect with Sean, follow him on tumblr, instagram, or twitter.

Screengrab of a digital image from the series Compound Interest, from the Instagram project, #targetresidency, 2014
sean ripple - street scene 11
Digital image of a sculpture found on the street @ 8312 Shoal Creek Austin, TX 78757 (address is approximate), 2011
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