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Rosaire Appel

Rosaire Appel is a digital artist/ photographer/ writer and analog draw-er. She explores (written) language as a visual entity. Word and image are like oil and water – agitation breaks boundaries. A post-information era requires strategies that evolve our methods of communication and expand our parameters of interpretation and understanding. Asemic writing is writing that has no semantic value, it cannot be translated verbally, it is not code, yet it is a visible language. Similarly, abstract comics are sequences of indeterminate images without traditional narrative value. She uses both of these, as well as asemic musical notation, to explore territories beyond established viewpoints.

Her investigations often culminate in visual books – one of a kind, limited editions and commercially printed – of which she’s published over 30 titles. Her drawings and prints have been in many local and international exhibits.

In the interview she mentioned the book, Book from the Ground : from point to point, by Xu Bing.

Her forthcoming book will be from  Small Editions —several of her recent artists books, including Tapes, were in a recent exhibit there.

A page from “9 sonic malfunctions” 2018, published by Simulacrum Press /
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  1. […] Rosaire Appel works from her studio in New York. Appel’s recent book Tapes is made entirely with the medium of the title. Because tape creates a straight line, Appel says there was a certain poetic structure to the drawings she made. Differing lengths of parallel lines seem to rhyme at the end. Her current work seems to be manifesting itself from the sounds of the city. “There’s an assumption that all sounds are big sounds or interruptive and ugly, like garbage trucks and things like that, but if you hear them from several blocks away and your ears are open…they echo off different places and they are mixed with things like car horns…they are these notes like little solos happening, maybe a bird call or maybe a child’s voice…it’s like a symphony,” she says. For Appel, the finality of binding a body of work into a book is her way of closing a project. “The for me is like a little exhibit,” she says. Appel’s books are print on demand which allows her total freedom and control. By uploading her books to Create Space, they are made available instantly through Amazon. Alternatively, Appel offers books sold from her directly with handmade covers. In addition to books, Appel digitally creates and exhibits prints. The two mediums differ greatly from each other. Appel herself prefers the books because not only can they be carried with people, but books are a journey in and of themselves. Social media is a powerful tool for selling her work. She says she feels that Facebook and Instagram are exceptional platforms for artists. […]


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