Pennie Key

Pennie Key is a London based artist. Her work incorporates visual, performative and autobiographical elements. She is interested in sexuality, relationships, gender issues, power dynamics, and her work expands across a variety of mediums. Currently, her starting point is her various identities (a queer, young woman, a middle class daughter, a Mixed Martial Artist in the very heteronormative, male environment of the gym and a sex worker engaging in fetish wrestling and domination) and her point of focus is how the aforementioned identities are contextualized and shifted in the various spaces that she inhabits.
The Fantasy of Heterosexual Male Submission Does Not Include Critical Race or Gender Theory, Mixed media installation and mixed wrestling performance, 2016
2018 – art STUDIO, happening at 3 137 project-space in Athens
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  1. […] Pennie Key lives and works in London but spoke to us from San Francisco where she was spending time enjoying the city. In her practice she is focused on two projects. One is a performance she began writing last year. The performance explores many aspects of family – particularly topics linked to the middle class, puritanism and patriarchy. Family secrets play a large part in the monologue performance. As a day job, Key is a sex worker. To hear more about her work, art and life, listen to the complete interview. […]