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Pam Glick

Portrait of Pam Glick by Julian Montague, in background; “Pink Dowers” 72″x 72″ flashe and aqua cote on canvas 2018

I am Pam Glick. I was born in Albany Georgia in 1956. I grew up in Buffalo New York, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1980 and moved to New York in 1980.  I lived there until 1995 when I moved to Brookline Vermont near Brattelboro. I had two boys and stayed there until 2014. I moved back to Buffalo and got an MFA from the University of Buffalo last year. Now I live and work in Buffalo.

The book mentioned in the interview is “Ninth Street Women” by Mary Gabriel
“For My Brother” 60″x60″ flashe and aquacote on unprimed canvas 2019
“Niagara USA Canada” 2019 60″x60″ Aqua cote on unprimed canvas 2019
” Niagara USA Canada” aqua cote and Flashe on unprimed canvas 72″x 72″ 2019
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  1. […] Pam Glick lost her brother following a long battle with cancer about ten days before she spoke to Praxis. She is presently finishing a painting that she began previously but that she didn’t know how to finish. Shortly after arriving back in the studio following her brother’s death, she knew what to do. Her raw emotions and openness allowed her to listen to what the painting wanted her to do. […]


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