Friday, July 12, 2024

Natasha Marin

Natasha Marin is an artist and independent consultant primarily focused on digital engagement and community building.

Natasha uses social media to find, connect, and build alliances among individuals, communities, and organizations.

Her work supports building sustainable communities through creative engagement, modes of connection, and methods of encounter. NONWHITEWORKS supports client-collaborators with finding your audience, sharpening messaging, and connecting with influencers who can further amplify dialogues. Marin has published, lectured, and presented around the world for a diverse audience of “doers.” Her social experiment, Reparations, gained local, national, and international attention for making concepts like “leveraging privilege” more accessible to the mainstream.

She is also the author of Milk, Creator of Reparations#WomanCenteredRed Lineage, & Midnight Tea

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  1. […] Natasha Marin is a poet and interdisciplinary artist based in Seattle. Her most recent project is called The Center for Centering White Women and can be found on Facebook. The project uses pointed satire to examine the often wrong-headed approach that white women take in the discussion of racial issues. Marin describes her work is “anti-troll troll tactics.” Marin points to comedy as a way that deeper lessons can often be learned. The Center can be used as a tag to call out people on social media. Marin believes that The Center could offer transformative power to people of color, removing the burden of proof when it comes to discussing issues of race with their white friends. Marin points to an underlying desire to be offended as a driver for online behavior. Marin’s first project out of graduate school titled Graduate Graffiti, funded by the city of Austin, was the first of many public art programs she has created. Marin receives frequent funding from the city of Seattle for public artworks. For the first project, Marin involved over 40 artists. Marin prefers to work in collaboration with other artists. She says, “it is more enjoyable to share an experience.” For her next collaboration, Marin will explore the inner self along with artist Rachel Ferguson. She says, “art is a technology that we use to remember ourselves and to re-imagine ourselves.” Marin is the author of Milk and the creator of a number of other projects. […]


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