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Natalija Vujošević

Natalija Vujošević is an artist and curator based in Montenegro, Yugoslavia.

The focus of her research and practice is the presentation of archives through exhibition-making, seeking renewed modes of communication, engagement, and understanding through new interpretations and expanded forms. She has lead and curated this kind of work on a number of research projects and public presentations, such as:

Comrades / Women’s Movement in Montenegro 1943 – 1953 / with Nataša Nelević

A research project and exhibition dedicated to the AFZ archive (the anti-fascist front of women in socialist Yugoslavia. Archive + contemporary art interventions and interviews.

“Why Have There Been No Great Men Artists?” Collections of the British Council in cooperation with the National Museum of Montenegro, (with a focus on women artists and their position in collections and in the art scene.

Missing Stories / Forced labor in Nazi Germany, organized by the Goethe Institute Belgrade / Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade).

She is the founder and director of the non-governmental organization, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Montenegro, which has been active since 2015, which is dedicated to contemporary art theory, education, research, and archives. The Institute established the first award for the young artists in Montenegro (in cooperation with Trust For Mutual Understanding New York). In the National Library of Montenegro, they are developing an alternative book collection that consists of art theory, philosophy, and humanistic science written in the last 3 decades (after Yugoslavia).

Her recent artist research is focused around Issues of life on the sidelines of global capitalism: the fatal transition of the Western Balkans and the neo-colonial politics and the occupation of natural resources on the Adriatic coast.

The book mentioned in the interview was; Breathing / Chaos and Poetry / Franco “Bifo” Berardi.

The study of Nature, Installation in public vitrine, 2020, mirror, textile, curtains, South south lets go south Biennale Serbia.
Body Installation, 2017, ceramic tiles, textile, wood. Nida Art Colony
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  1. […] Natalija Vujošević spoke to us from Montenegro where she is from. She has just returned from Serbia where she participated in the 30th edition of the biennale. In her art practice she works with memory, archives  and speculative constructions that she makes from objects that she usually finds or sees in public space that belong to a particular aesthetic or material reality of socialist society. Montenegro is located in former Yugoslavia where abandoned factories and shop windows abound. Vujošević uses these spaces to create speculative works that reach back to the area’s history. To hear more about her work, listen to the complete interview. […]


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