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Mike Messier

Mike Messier is an award-winning Screenwriter, Director, TV host and Actor. Awards have included a Regional Emmy Nomination for work as Associate Producer on a documentary about Haiti.
Recent work includes co-writing and co-starring in the  horror film The Manor. Current projects also include Disregard the Vampire: A Mike Messier Documentary which has already won seven awards. Mike has re-imagined some of his Vampire characters into the world of Distance from Avalon and the subsequent Avalonia Festival, a film and photography festival out of Providence.
As an Actor, Mike has shared scenes with Meryl Streep and Elisabeth Shue,  Wesley Snipes and Cybill Shepherd (as her son), Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins, among others.
Mike’s TV show Messier Mantra features Mike as an interviewer and host for fascinating guests from the worlds of Entertainment, Sports, Environmental concerns and Holistic medicine. Mike’s website if full of Mike’s work.
The  book mentioned in the interview was Confessions Of An Unlikely Bodybuilder by Samuel Wilson Fussell.

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  1. […] Mike Messier lives in Woodford, Rhode Island. He finds a great sense of community in the small state of Rhode Island. Many of Messier’s friends are artists with whom he sometimes collaborates. Messier is part of artist Anne Murray’s Cloud Conversations. […]


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