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Max Strang

Max Strang is the founding principal of [STRANG] Architecture, a Florida-based firm acclaimed for its site-specific and climate-driven designs.

Through his work and discourse, Strang has consistently underscored the ongoing relevance and importance of regional modernism to an international audience.

In 2016, he was elected to the prestigious College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and in 2013 he received the Silver Medal from the Miami Chapter of the AIA, the highest honor the organization can bestow.

He was raised in a Mid-Century Modern home designed by Gene Leedy of the Sarasota School of Architecture.[1] Strang is a graduate of the University of Florida and Columbia University. Prior to establishing his own firm, he worked in the architecture offices of Gene LeedySHoP Architects and Zaha Hadid.

Learn more about [STRANG] Architecture in this book and this article.

The book mentioned in the interview about Rockhouse, is here.

Completed in 2004, Strang’s “Rockhouse” adapts the concepts of Paul Rudolph’s “Umbrella House” to the local context of Miami’s jungle-like Coconut Grove neighborhood.
The award-winning Ballast Trail Residence, designed by [STRANG] in the Florida Keys, is raised substantially above the ground in anticipation of hurricane storm surges and rising seas.
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  1. […] Max Strang is the founder of Strang Architecture in Miami, Florida. Most of his firm’s work is in single family residential, but they also take on projects in other fields. For Strang it is not about the end use of the building as much as it is about the design. He is known for telling his customers, “I’ll design a sewage treatment plant as long as it’s going to be interesting.” Projects typically center in Florida though he has some scattered throughout the Caribbean and even one as far away as Dubai. Strang grew up in a modernist home inspired by the work of Paul Rudolph which he believes is one thing that inspired him to become an architect. In 2004, Strang completed a house for his own young family in Coconut Grove called Rockhouse. For the house he drew largely on the designs of Rudolph and Sarasota School, including a famous home in Sarasota called The Umbrella House. For Rockhouse Strange used stone excavated from the ground beneath the site itself to build the structure. Strang’s designs are climate based, meaning they are created to suit the environment in which they sit and incorporate passive designs intended to achieve natural climate control. Another project currently in the works in Miami sets the first floor 22 feet above the existing grade. Sea level rise is an immediate threat in Miami and Strang has begun designing accordingly. He says the private sector is already beginning to raise the ground in preparation for encroaching seas. “We know how to raise buildings,” Strang says of the private sector. For architects there will be new opportunities as demands to raise buildings begin to mount. To hear more from Max Strang about his designs and about the climate threat in Miami, listen to the complete interview. […]


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