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Marta Obiols Fornell and Tomas Hed

Marta Obiols Fornell is a curator and an art gallery owner in Gozo, Malta. She runs the gallery together with Tomas Hed with a focus on modern, contemporary art.

She studied Philosophy in Spain and Germany and also Religious Sciences. Her strong motivation and determination in dealing with artists in Malta, especially in Gozo, has enabled her to launch a number of exhibitions, art talks, philosophy meetings, music sessions, etc. Having created interest and curiosity around art related activities, she plans to develop her gallery as a centre of culture, innovation; as a place to enjoy and share art and ideas.

She has established contacts with other galleries from Europe and continues to grow in her dealings with locals and foreigners artists. Marta’s art experiences have been quite an exciting adventure and more is to come! Marta received the Gozo’s Best Female Entrepreneur of the year 2019 Award. And she has recently published in Malta “Easeful Death”, a philosophical essay.

Tomas Hed, originally from Sweden, lives in Gozo (Malta), where he lets his imagination and creativity go wild. Here he has found his place to exploit his talents: composing music, writing and, of course, painting. He worked for many years as an Art Director in Stockholm, having his own studio in Gamla Stan, the old part of the city. As a seeking youth Tomas developed in an artistic atmosphere, living in a community with other artists. Tomas’ father was an artist too; therefore paint and canvases have always been around him.

Always polemical, provocative and with strong opinions, it’s impossible to be indifferent to his creations. The spirit of his art is inspired by an indomitable character, with a special obsession for challenging values, or “bubbles” as he calls them, of our daily life.

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