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John Hutnyk

John and TheodorJohn Hutnyk writes on culture, cities, diaspora, history, film, prisons, colonialism, education, Marxism. He studied and taught in Australia at Deakin and Melbourne Universities; and in the UK in Manchester University’s Institute for Creative and Cultural Research; before moving to Goldsmiths in 1998, and becoming Academic Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies in 2004-2014. He has held visiting researcher posts in Germany at the South Asia Institute and Institute for Ethnologie at Heidelberg Universpantoity, and Visiting Professor posts in InterCultural Studies at Nagoya City University Japan, Zeppelin University and Hamburg University, Germany, Sociology at Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey and at the Graduate institute for Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. Adjunct Professor of RMIT University, Melbourne.

Bad marxismHis books include: “The Rumour of Calcutta: Tourism, Charity and the Poverty of Representation” (1996 Zed); “Critique of Exotica: Music, Politics and the Culture Industry” (2000 Pluto Press); “Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies” (2004 Pluto); “Pantomime. Terror: Music and Politics” (2014 Zero); and co-authored with Virinder Kalra and Raminder Kaur: “Diaspora and Hybridity” (2005 Sage). He have edited several volumes of essays, including “Dis-Orienting Rhythms: the Politics of the New Asian Dance Music” (1996 Zed, co ed with Sharma and Sharma); “Travel Worlds’ (1998 Zed co-ed with Raminder Kaur); editions of the journals ‘Theory, Culture and Society’ and ‘Post-colonial Studies’, and both a festschrift for Klaus Peter Koepping called “Celebrating Transgression” (2006 Berghahn, co-ed with Ursula Rao) and the phd colloquium volume “Beyond Borders” (Pavement books 2012). Next books = Global South Asia, Trinketization, Capital and Cultural Studies, Proletarianisation.

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